Monday, April 11, 2005

TIA Daily Contents: Dogs that Stopped Barking

There is a tendency in political reporting to dwell only on the negative—i.e., only on the crisis that is the greatest emergency at the moment. But sometimes the story is "the dog that didn't bark."

Top News Stories
• The War on the Judiciary
• America's "Exit Strategy": Victory
• Rent Control Fades Away
• The Old Regime of Class Action Looting
• Gun Control Fades Away, Too
• Commentary: Pies and Guns

• Human Achievements: Feynman's Authorless Book Tour
• Things of Beauty: Galileo Thermometer

Feature Article
• The Religion of the Pursuit of Happiness vs. Catholicism
by J. Patrick Mullins
The American Creed Trumps the Dogmas of the Church