Thursday, March 10, 2005

Democratic Party Death Watch

In its loyalty to the Marxist outlook that man's values and interests are determined by his economic "class interests"—eventually expanded to the trinity of "race, class, and gender"—the Democratic Party long ago ceased to be a party of universal principles, depending instead on the loyalty of a few narrow interest groups: unions, single women (who want to preserve abortion rights), and blacks and Hispanics.

Now, the Democrats are beginning to lose their stranglehold on the black vote, partly for bad reasons—the appeal of religious conservatism—and partly for good reasons: a more positive view of entrepreneurship and Bush's "ownership society." If this trend continues, the Party's past obsession with pandering to "minorities" will make the Democrats themselves into a permanent legislative minority.

"Lost Supporter Syndrome," Donald Lambro, Washington Times, 3/10/05

"In Florida, Mr. Bush's support jumped from 7 percent to 13 percent. In Ohio, a pivotal state that won him the election, his share of the black vote went from 9 percent to 16 percent. Pennsylvania fell into John Kerry's column, but Mr. Bush still polled 16 percent of the state's black voters.... That was good news to Ken Mehlman, who managed Mr. Bush's re-election campaign and is now the Republican national chairman. Mr. Mehlman is leading a stepped-up drive to reach out to black voters, often with the help of influential black religious leaders attracted by the GOP's emphasis on religious values usually missing in the Democrats' message.... Black voters remain the Democrats' most loyal voting bloc, but they find a number of Republican issues appealing.... Polls show 60 percent of African-Americans support school choice vouchers to get their kids out of failing public schools. Mr. Bush's emphasis on small-business ownership also resonates very strongly among upwardly mobile blacks, as does the chance to build a bigger retirement nest egg in Social Security personal investment accounts.... [I]f their [Democratic] party loses 15 percent or so of the black vote, it will be in the minority for years to come."