Friday, January 28, 2005

TIA Daily Contents: Our New Iraqi Leaders

On the eve of this weekend's Iraqi elections, Jack Wakeland provides a detailed rundown of Iraq's electoral politics, including the most hopeful sign: the surprising strength of pro-American secularism. This long piece is the best overview I have seen of the meaning and potential of Sunday's historic vote.

Top News Stories
• Our New Iraqi Leaders: Bush's Confidence
• Our New Iraqi Leaders: The Reporters
• Our New Iraqi Leaders: The Electioneers
Our New Iraqi Leaders: "We Want to Be Like the Rest of the World"
• First Details on Private Accounts
• Commentary: The Valor of the Vote

• Things of Beauty: Rare Earth Magnet Jewelry

Feature Article
• Voting for List No. 169
by Jack Wakeland
Will Iran or Iraq Become the Invader of its Neighbor's Political System?