Monday, January 10, 2005

TIA Daily Contents: Four Elections

The resolution of the election in Ukraine show a successful struggle for representative government; the Palestinian election shows the futility of representative government when a population has not renounced killing; and contentious elections in Washington State and (upcoming) in Iraq, show how the representative government can be undercut by the philosophical premises of collectivism.

Top News Stories
• What Will Abbas Do?
• Yanukovych Loses (Again)
• Iraqi's Collectivist Voting System
More Democrats Against Representative Government
• More Victims of the Pajamahideen
• Commentary: America's Fifth Column

• Human Achievements: Vacuuming Robot
• Things of Beauty: Preening Egret

Feature Article
• The Army Reserve's "Can't Do" Memo
by Jack Wakeland
A General Helps the Press Promote the Myths Behind the Draft

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