Friday, January 07, 2005

TIA Daily Contents: Aiding and Abetting the Enemy

Civilization is in danger, not because its enemies are strong, but because its defenders are aiding and abetting the enemy. In today's news, members of Congress protest against representative government, New York intellectuals long for the crime and poverty of the 1970s, college professors indoctrinate students in anti-Americanism, and Western aid for tsunami victims is in danger of being funneled to terrorists.

Top News Stories
Democrats Protest Free Elections
• An Iraq Overhaul?
• Warning: Lawsuits Are Hazardous to Rationality
• New York City Elite Plots to Destroy New York City
• A Pro-American Kuwaiti Confronts Anti-American Americans
• Commentary: Tsunami Aid Abetting the Enemy?

• Human Achievements: Fighting Spam
• Things of Beauty: Norwegian Night