Monday, January 10, 2005

More Democrats Against Representative Government

Like Florida in 2000, the Washington gubernatorial election highlights the problem with the obsession over making sure that "every vote is counted": it is impossible to count millions of votes with complete precision. What is really important is not which candidate gets that one extra vote that magically endows him with the "will of the people," but whether the votes are counted through an objective, lawful process.

On that score, as this piece indicates, it is the Democrats, for all of their yelping about "vote fraud," who are typically trying to undermine objective voting procedures. Most shocking is the fact that Democratic officials in the county government are responsible for massive voter registration fraud—including hundreds of mystery voters whose "place of residence" is the King County administration building.

"Don't Count Rossi Out," John Fund, Wall Street Journal, 1/10/05

"A former liberal who worked for Michael Dukakis in 1988, Mr. Sharkansky calls himself a '9/11 conservative mugged by reality.' He uses his knowledge of statistics and probability to illustrate how unlikely some of the reported vote count changes are. He also uncovered the fact that in Precinct 1823 in downtown Seattle, 527, or 70%, of the 763 registered voters used 500 Fourth Avenue—the King County administration building—as their residential address. A full 61% of the precinct's voters only registered in the last year, and nearly all of them 'live' at 500 Fourth Avenue. By contrast, only 13% of all of King County voters registered in 2004. Not all of the voters at the county building are homeless or hard to find. A noted local judge and her husband have been registered at the county building for years. When I called her to ask why, she became flustered and said it was because of security concerns, specifically because 'the Mexican mafia are out to get me.' When I pointed out that her home address and phone number were easily found on the Internet and in property records, she ended the conversation by refusing to answer a question about whether she had improperly voted for state legislative candidates who would represent the county building but not her residence."