Wednesday, December 01, 2004

TIA Daily Headlines: The Dead Enders

In May of 2003, I predicted that the invasion of Iraq would turn many of the world's bad guys into "dead enders" (borrowing a phrase from Rumsfeld). A series of bad decisions by the Bush administration delayed their demise, but the dead-enders are still creeping toward a reckoning. In today's news, Kofi Annan, the Palestinians, and the American left all face exposure and destruction.

Top News Stories
• A New New York Hero
• Victory for the "Orange Revolution"?
• No Deadly Delay in Iraqi Election
• The Failure of Protectionism for the "Ultimate Resource"
• Commentary: The Liberals' Last Stand on Crime
• Commentary: A Liberal Discovers that the Left "Hates Freedom"
• Commentary: Dead End for Kofi Annan

• Human Achievements: Oxford English Dictionary
• Things of Beauty: "Graphic" Leaves

Feature Article
• A Referendum on Self-Destruction, by Jack Wakeland
Marwan Barghouti's Campaign Will Show the Strength of the Palestinian's Pro-Self-Destruction Faction

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