Tuesday, December 14, 2004

TIA Daily: A Grass-Roots Crusade Against Iran

Our leaders have failed to formulate a coherent policy toward Iran—much less the policy of military confrontation required to keep the mullahs from getting an atomic bomb. What can we do? We can take leadership on this issue, agitating from the "grass roots" up for military action against Iran.

Top News Stories
• A Grass-Roots Crusade against Iran
The Return of "Los Chicago Boys"
• Justice Comes for Saddam
• China Moving Backwards into a New Era
• The Race for Internet Omniscience
• Commentary: The Arabs' Shameful "Pride"

• Human Achievements: Xerography
• Best of Things of Beauty: Brooklyn Bridge Panorama

Feature Article
• Best of TIA Daily: Chalabi and the Ayatollahs, by J. Patrick Mullins
Anti-Bush Liberals Make the Case Against Chalabi—and Against Iran

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