Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Pork-Barrel Diversion

Fiscal conservatives are in high dudgeon about "pork-barrel spending" that amounts to less than $16 billion in a $2.4 trillion federal budget—i.e., about six-tenths of one percent of the budget. Note also that non-defense, "discretionary" spending has only risen by one percent. So where is federal money really going? Non-defense, non-discretionary spending, which means: Medicare and Social Security. There is only one long-term way to reign in federal spending: privatize Social Security.

"Glutted on Pork," Donald Lambro, Washington Times, 12/2/04

"President Bush will hold his nose and sign this outrageously wasteful, 14-pound, pork-stuffed bill anyway. Why? Because it reduces discretionary spending increases overall to about 4 percent. If Pentagon and homeland defense spending is removed, the rate of spending growth is cut to about 1 percent. (This does not include so-called "emergency" funding for Afghanistan, Iraq and hurricane damage assistance that are outside the spending caps).... Budget watchers say this year's 11,000–12,000 earmark items that will cost taxpayers an added $15.8 billion are the most ever in a single bill, several thousand provisions more than earlier appropriations bills passed in the last several years."

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