Thursday, December 16, 2004

Inside the Orange Revolution

This is an interesting first-hand account of the Ukrainian "Orange Revolution" by Dick Morris, whom I used to refer to as "a former Clinton advisor and soulless pragmatist." But Morris has redeemed himself by acting as a political advisor to Ukrainian liberal Viktor Yushchenko, and he has a proper grasp of what the West has at stake in Ukraine: blocking Putin's attempt to resurrect the Soviet Empire.

"Inside Ukraine's Freedom Fight," Dick Morris, New York Post, 12/16/04

"In Ukraine, the first step was to deny Yushchenko any coverage on state-controlled television and other news outlets. Only smear stories ran—and we weren't allowed to buy advertising time to rebut them. It was so impossible to communicate with the voters that the campaign was reduced to printing leaflets which were stuffed, three times each week, under every door in the country. When it became clear that the Ukrainian people would not be fooled by the phony state-controlled media and Yushchenko continued to lead by 15 points in the polls, the ex-KGB types in the opposition campaign resorted to attempted assassination, once running Yushchenko's car off the road and then poisoning him with dioxin....

"The stakes for global liberty couldn't be higher. In Russia's bid to come back as an imperial power, the Ukraine struggle is the equivalent of Hitler's bid to remilitarize the Rhineland. A determined stand here will keep Russia (145 million) and Ukraine (50 million) separate and cripple Putin's imperial ambitions. With Ukraine inevitably drawing closer to the EU and further away from Moscow, its chances for prosperity and freedom will increase."