Friday, December 03, 2004

An Arab Solves the Problem of the Middle East

As if to answer the question of whether fundamental reform is really possible in the Middle East, a Kuwaiti "progressive" has published a series of newspaper articles giving an essentially accurate account of the cause of progress in the West--the sidelining of religious authority that ended the Middle Ages--and calls upon the Arab world to pursue a secular future.

"Kuwaiti Progressive Scholar: 'All the Good Is in Secular Thought, All the Evil in Religious Thought',", December 3

"The Kuwaiti progressive scholar Ahmad Al-Baghdadi, a political science lecturer at Kuwait University, recently published several articles in the Kuwaiti daily Al-Siyassa, denouncing religious thought and praising secularism.
The following are excerpts from the articles: '...Secularism as a [world] view and as a way of life was not formed in a vacuum, but is the outcome of the painful life experience of human beings which has continued for close to a
millennium and in the course of which the religious thought of the Church, devised by the religious clergy, was abolished.... During this experience, Western man lived in intellectual darkness and [endured] devastating wars in a
period called 'the Dark Middle Ages.' For the person educated in sciences, industry, finances, politics, and culture there was only one solution, which constitutes a refuge for the poor societies. That [solution] is: distancing the man of the cloth from life.... From that moment on, the Western world became the only world to develop, progress, and flourish in all spheres
of life."