Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Abbas Tries to Turn Back the Clock

Mahmoud Abbas is supposed to be the best candidate for "progress" in the Middle East, but his actual program consists of turning back the clock. He wants to pretend that the past 15 years did not happen, to return to the tactics of the First Intifada (in which Palestinians only killed Jews through "shootings, lynchings, knife attacks, and stonings") and to a new round of negotiation, presumably leading to a reprise of the Oslo accords.

But the past 15 years do matter, because they reveal the real goal of the Palestinian nationalists—the murder of Israel—and demonstrate why it was a tragic mistake to negotiate with terrorists in the first place.

"Abbas Calls for No Arms Against Israel," Paul Martin, Washington Times, 12/15/04

"In the interview with the newspaper Asharq Al Awsat, Mr. Abbas said the intifada should continue, but that it should return to the use of tactics employed in the first such uprising from 1987 to 1993. 'The use of live weaponry has harmed the intifada and it should stop,' he was quoted as saying. 'The intifada is our legitimate right of the Palestinian people, and its purpose is to give expression to our opposition to conquest by popular and social means—as happened in the first intifada,' Mr. Abbas continued. 'We, at this stage, are against the militarization of the intifada because we want to negotiate. And because we want to negotiate, the atmosphere should be calm in preparation for political action,' he said."

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