Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Human Achievements: Bose Suspension System

"This year, the renowned acoustics innovators at the Bose Corporation unveiled the product of an intensive 24-year research effort code-named Project Sound: an outrageously inventive car suspension system."

Popular Science Magazine website has a detailed article on the new suspension system.

"Supplanting almost 100 years of traditional spring-and-shock-absorber suspension systems, this new system from Bose--a company best known for its stereo speakers--uses electromagnetic motors in place of traditional shocks. Mounted on each wheel, the motors use input from sensors throughout the vehicle to react to bumps and potholes instantaneously, exerting downward force to extend the wheel into potholes while keeping the car level and you comfy. As the wheel pops back up onto the road, the suspension recaptures nearly all the
energy expended; it uses only one third the amount of power your AC does. And beyond smoothing out bumpy roads, the system improves handling, virtually eliminating body roll in tight turns and minimizing pitching motion during braking and acceleration"

-- selection and editing by Shrikant Rangnekar